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On our journey

It is said that people come into our lives “for a reason, a season or a lifetime.” And I believe that is true.  There are people who join us on particular parts of our journey at just the time that we need them and I…Read More

Remembering gratitude

There is really no way to miss the fact that it’s Thanksgiving season. From the media to the grocery stores, signs of the holiday are everywhere. We can learn how to make or buy the perfect turkey, create unique side dishes and set a lovely…Read More<img src="” title=”Remembering gratitude” />

Troubled minds

In truth, it’s not a favorite song of mine, so I am really not sure why a line from Simon and Garfunkel’s “Bridge over Troubled Waters” has been repeating itself in my mind. The line is one you likely know, “like a bridge over troubled…Read More<img src="” title=”Troubled minds” />

Our Collective Trauma

“You live through that little piece of time that is yours, but that piece of time is not only your own life, it is the summing up of all the others lives that are simultaneous with yours . . . . What you are is…Read More<img src="” title=”Our Collective Trauma” />

A New Normal

Yesterday, I had an interview with a reporter from a national publication. She and I had spoken a couple of years ago, in the depths of the COVID pandemic, and she is working on a follow-up piece.  We talked about where we are now, as…Read More<img src="” title=”A New Normal” />

For the New Year

We are quickly approaching Rosh Hashanah, the start of the New Year for those of us of the Jewish faith.  Following Rosh Hashanah, we observe the “ten days of awe” before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  It is traditionally a time for us to…Read More<img src="” title=”For the New Year” />

Our journeys

It is, I think, a fact of human nature that we believe our path is straight and smooth.  Of course, we know that it is anything but, that it is filled with twists and turns and that our internal GPS has to recalculate over and…Read More

What Lies Beneath

Working in the world of elder care services, we know that dementia, of all types, is a reality in the lives of many older adults. More than 47 million people worldwide live with dementia, experts telling us that the large numbers are due, in part,…Read More<img src="” title=”What Lies Beneath” />

Stories to Tell

For the last month or so I have been getting emails from the college I graduated from as an undergraduate.  They wanted me to call a number and verify my personal information for some sort of alumni project.  I ignored the emails and deleted them…Read More<img src="” title=”Stories to Tell” />

In the Name of Love

Yesterday we had one of those moments we wish we didn’t have to have. We held a memorial service for a long time member of our staff. This quiet, unassuming man didn’t play a high visibility or leadership role. He was a member of the…Read More

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