Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 9/30/2015 05:32:13 AM

Forgiving — what does it mean?

We all know Alexander Pope’s quote, “to err is human; to forgive divine” and while I am not sure that forgiving is divine, I have come to believe that it is necessary. During the holidays, and specifically at Yom Kippur, forgiveness is really intended to be part of our worship. We are supposed to think about those we have wronged in some way during the year past and ask them to forgive us, repairing the damage as best we can. In

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Category: Aging
The Dangers of Depression
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 9/17/2015 05:30:23 AM

It is the holiday season and many greet the New Year with the joy of family getting together, the opportunity to worship as a community and the chance to both review the year past and think about the year to come. For some, however, holidays can bring up complicated and difficult emotions and be triggers for depression.

Older adults are often at risk for depression because of the inevitable changes and losses they have experienced in life. Some have lost spouses, siblings, children and friends

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Category: Aging
The Work of Caring
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 9/1/2015 05:28:14 AM

This week I will note a milestone in my life – maybe not a milestone most people would track, but I am one of those people who retains, and thinks about, dates. The milestone is becoming, this Thursday, older than my mother was when she passed away. She was diagnosed with breast cancer very young – when I was a freshman in high school, and she fought with everything she had, but in the end it was a battle she lost.

She missed so much and I’ve missed, every day, sharing life with

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