Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 8/18/2015 05:18:06 AM

Balance. Some of us talk about it as the struggle to manage our busy personal and professional lives and that’s certainly a relevant use of the term. But when we talk about older adults, balance, in the sense of physical ability, is critical.

It sounds like an easy thing but it is not. Balance involves more than muscles, it also involves our vision; the vestibular system in our inner ear which helps us with knowing “up” and “down” and sensing motion; and something

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Category: Aging
What can YOU do about elder abuse?
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 8/4/2015 05:15:15 AM

If you were told that there was a major problem in the United States that affected more than one in ten individuals, would you be concerned? If you knew that there were more than 2.5 million people who were victims of a particular type of crime each year, would you think, “That is a serious problem that needs to be addressed?”

One would think that numbers that staggering would merit some attention, particularly when you recognize that the individuals suffering are all in one age group — individuals

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Category: SeniorHaven For the Prevention of Elder Abuse
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