Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 6/23/2015 05:06:17 AM
Volunteering . . . giving of your time for the benefit of others, giving of your time without expecting or receiving any financial gain. If you read anything about voluntarism right now you will find one consistent theme: that the ranks of volunteers are declining and that organizations dependent upon volunteers are struggling to recruit and retain.

Why does volunteering matter? In the nonprofit world many small organizations survive on very limited budgets, minimal resources and few, if any,
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Category: Judaism
Can we Unlock Dementia Through Art?
Posted by Carol Silver Elliott, 6/9/2015 05:01:44 AM
What would it be like to lose the ability to make your own choices? What if the control of your everyday life was no longer yours? From the simplest things, like when to get up in the morning and what to wear and how your day would be spent, to the more complex—giving up your home, your car keys and your independence—how would it be if you had no input into any of that?

Unfortunately, that is all too often the case for individuals who have dementia. Dementia is not one disease, rather
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Category: Aging
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